University Of Melbourne Collective Agreement 2010

With respect to the duty of confidentiality, the proposed clause prohibits the worker from receiving, copying or using this information both during and after the termination of the employment relationship, except in certain strictly defined circumstances, such as the employer`s written authorization, the need to fulfill his obligations or according to a court order. The proposed clause was extended to such an extent that the worker had to “ensure” that a third party disclosed to such information was aware of the obligations arising from the agreement and that he did not divivly himself. The meaning of “confidential information” has not been defined. The confidentiality clause proposed in Glen Eden I was therefore similar to that of the “restrictive” agreements discussed in Part 3 of the document. With regard to intellectual property, including intellectual property, which is defined as confidential information, whereas the proposed clause reserved limited moral rights for the worker during employment (although specifically without recourse to these rights by the employer), it provided for a complete transfer of all intellectual property rights to the employer, including post-employment rights. These provisions were therefore again similar to those of several “restrictive” agreements discussed in Part 3. Sport at the University of Melbourne is run by the University of Melbourne Sport (MU Sport), which is a university department. The department manages all sports, fitness and recreation facilities, programs and activities of the university. MU Sport also manages the university`s elite athlete admissions program. [196] Membership in the Melbourne University Sport Fitness Centre is open to students, staff, alumni and the wider community of the University of Melbourne for people over the age of 17. [197] The Queer Department is responsible for the queere community on campus and provides space for the countless genders and sexual expressions that exist within the university. The department is run by students and organizes events such as lunch and collectives, as well as a support group coming out. [191] Unlike previous agreements, which recognize the practice or, at the very least, the possibility of compensating workers for their creation, the Symrise Pty Ltd Production Collective Workplace Agreement ignores employee compensation and imposes significant obligations on workers, both during and after employment.

The agreement provides that residential schools want to provide students with housing and a comprehensive educational experience. [175] Most of the university`s residential schools also host students from RMIT University and Monash University on the Parkville campus, with selected colleges that also host students from the Australian Catholic University and Victoria University. The university claims ownership of the intellectual property created by staff in the course of its functions.

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