Worship Leader Agreement

It`s a good conversation! I just wanted to add a few thoughts. I think we all agree that it is often easy to see what we want, but it is much more difficult to put into practice. If we approach these situations with the right mind to look after each other in faith, we can work to carry burdens on each other on our Christian path. We must always consider a cult team first as a service, because if we encourage an environment of growth in our service and our people grow spiritually, it will spread to our worship and, ultimately, to our people in the local Church, which is ultimately a goal that I am convinced we all share. As far as the specific rules are concerned, I think there is a place, and they are necessary. But I am also cautious when trying to build a paradigm that goes beyond our human needs and the desire to develop a controllable model that comforts us. I believe this is true in a divine service where we can so often feel out of control in the sense that we look at the Lord and His Holy Ghost to guide us in our worship. We must be careful not to make rules a sovereign! We are sorry if this comes to the homily. Certainly not my intention to share only my own experiences of leadership and failure over the years. I`m in love.

John Overall, I agree and appreciate your standards for team members. I had a meeting with our worship team, in which generalized standards were communicated, i.e. “talking,” living our daily lives by biblical standards and setting a good example. For me, as a guide to worship, it is not to swear or tell crude jokes, no drunkenness, no addiction, no cohabitation without marriage, no homosexuality. I do not need to be a member of the Church, but a member must profess a reborn relationship. I also prefer that members of the cult team visit our church regularly, but sometimes a musician who regularly visits elsewhere. Blessing, Olen My question is: we have the requirement that everyone in the team be prayed at 9 .m before the divine service. We used to do our sound checks 15 minutes before the service started, but it was more of a frustration than an aid, as it was always in the beginning of the service. So move the sound control to 9.

Since moving to 9 a.m. this person has very rarely managed to do sound controls. I hoped that now that she has been appointed head of worship, she will do everything in her power for reasonable control.

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